Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Facebook Beauty: Lorayne Taylor

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My trip to Las Vegas (Posing with Buffcuties at the 2006 Olympia)

Atlantic City Pro and Olympia 2006

Jan Tana Pro Women's Bodybuilding

Jan Tana Pro Women's Figure

Jan Tana Competitors Offstage

Posing with Buffcuties at Jan Tana

Kim Klein Fitness Championships

Team Universe 2007 Friday Night Prejudging

Team Universe 2007 Competitors Offstage

Posing with Buffcuties at the 2007 Atlantic City Pro

Eastern USAs
There were only two women I saw with any kind of muscle definition. The mermaid above had the best abs I saw in the parade.

I spotted the other fitness babe shortly after the parade was over. She wasn't in costume (which probably made her question in her mind why I was interested in taking her picture). After refer my website I thought it was a lost cause until she turned back around. By the time I got my camera focused she turned to walk back down the street (but you can still see she is clearly defined)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


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