Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Message I Left My Cousin On Myspace

My mom informed me that you knew why I attended those conventions but didn't wanna tell her. Just to let you know the real reason is behind a professor.

The best class I ever had in college was a video art course. There were a couple of videos I made featuring those "Arnold Schwarzenegger looking bitches".

Due to the powers that be the following fall semester she never came back. Even before she left we had a discussion about the content of my videos and potential steps I should consider for the future.

The last time we touched basis I informed her that I planned on going to a competition in Atlantic City. That was back in '06 and ever since I've found more reasons to revisit Columbus, Ohio, Las Vegas, and other cities that host conventions and competitions.

I would've elaborated more but knowing my cousin his thoughts on the subject will probably remain the same. Perhaps I'll share in more detail later some of the specifics that I touched on.

Also my external hard drive was fucking up the last time I used it, but if there's anyway to recover the videos I made from the class I'll post them up.

Anna Brown

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Digging in the Crates

I'm taking a break from editing pictures from the 2009 Arnold. Before leaving I was frantically searching for content to put on the site (It would've been smart to have business cards to hand out as a means to generate traffic)

Now that I am back I'm continuing where I left off. My external hard drive was giving me problems yesterday so I'm hoping some downtime will fix why it doesn't want to recognized on my PC. In the meantime I'm recovering pictures from another computer that only wants to boot up to windows when it wants to. Hopefully by the end of the night I'll have everything from '07 and '08 up on the site

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2009 Arnold Sports Festival


I had some trouble with my freehostia account. The problem ended up being that there are limits set on free accounts including how many times a user can upload conent(via FTP). I rehosted my Arnold 2009 gallery on my old 50webs account. Sorry for the inconvience


I'm burning the midnight oil trying to post up pictures from the Arnold so I can get back to editing my Mardi Gras photos. I'll try to have most of the photos up by the end of the week.

2009 Arnold Sports Festival Gallery


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