Friday, March 18, 2011

Valerie Waugaman

The last Jan Tana in 2007 is where I met Valerie Waugaman for the first time. Shortly thereafter she went on to star on the remake of American Gladiators as Siren.

Maryse Manios

I went to school in Westchester County. After learning about the Jan Tana Pro I took the Metro-North up to Tarrytown. That night someone I went to school with saw the female bodybuilders coming out of the music hall and immediately thought of me. We spotted each other seconds later. Unfortunately 2007 was the last year for Jan Tana competitions.

Kristy Hawkins

There are a handful of female bodybuilders who are overachievers. Its kinda weird to meet people the same age as my older brother (born 1980) who already have their Ph.D.

Jamie Eason

This picture is from the first time I met Jamie Eason back in 2006. At a Barnes & Noble Bookstore in White Plains I saw a face that looked familiar on the magazine rack... Most photographers opt for the studio setup. I think my candids offer something more original than what you'll find on a google image search of Jamie Eason

Part of the reason why I wanted to call it quits is because a year ago I got loaded from free drinks at the Hyatt bar. The lesson learned was that I cannot have my cake and eat it too. I apologize to Amber Deluca and anyone else caught in that wrath was a website that my uncle decided to scrap. I'm kinda proud of this picture because Lauren Powers went onto star in music videos featuring U2 and Lady Gaga.

If you go to you can still find traces of Quarterwater content. With the closing of 5pointz I plan to get back into street art photograhy


I'm sure there was a handful of people who breathed a sign a refief when they didn't see my face this year at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. To be quite honest I was ready to scrap this project. My last six months on the road has taught me alot of things. In due time I plan to share those lessons learned. For now I like to make every picture I took count for something...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heather Foster

Carmen Knight

Arina Manta

Ines Jiminez

Collin Fisher

Rosa Marie Romero

Sarah Dunlap

Marja Lehtonen

Cheri Lewis

Dena Westerfield

Michelle Brent

Valerie Waugaman

Thais Cabrices

Zhannah Rotar

Barbara Barnowich

Vicki Nixon

Nancy Fuentes

Tonia Villalobos

Gerri Deach

Melissa Pearo

Ana Rock

Tazzie Colomb

Kim Perez

Dawn Principe

Ocean Bloom

Mary Jo Cooke

Gabrielle Hames

Amanda Ogden


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